Nigeria – Except It Ain’t So

500 – mostly women and children — were butchered in Nigeria last month due to “ethnic tensions” and “economic decline,” say the MSM  – except it ain’t so.

It was a Muslim-on-Christian massacre.

Reportedly, it was in retaliation for Christian-on-Muslim killings in January — except it ain’t so.

The killings in January began when Muslim youth attacked Christians on a Sunday morning on their way to church. The Christians fought back, killing some of the Muslims.

Two problems:

1) The real situation is that many Africans are leaving their indigenous faiths for either Christianity or Islam. MOST have chosen Christianity – leading to problem #2.

2) Because of their bias, Western media misrepresent the issues, saying the violence is due mainly to economics and ethnic differences and that both sides are equally to blame.

Except it ain’t so – read more here.