At least the ten commandments are God’s revelation, aren’t they? (3)

“Honor the sabbath, to keep it holy” – the third commandment. But “the sabbath” is Saturday. How dare Christians move worship to Sunday! By whose authority? If the ten commandments are God’s eternal law, who dares to change them? Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Baptists worship on the sabbath, on Saturday. Do they take the Bible more seriously than we do?

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Natural Theology and the God who Hides Himself

This post and essay represent our first serious foray into the discussion about modern science and Christian theology. At first glance, it would seem to be done in an academic style, replete with formal language and footnotes. But it is not. It is, instead, the personal journey of one of our contributors from listening to those who hold natural theology in high regard to joining with the prophet Isaiah who proclaimed: “Truly you are a God who hides himself.”

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