At least the ten commandments are God’s revelation, aren’t they? (3)

“Honor the sabbath, to keep it holy” – the third commandment. But “the sabbath” is Saturday. How dare Christians move worship to Sunday! By whose authority? If the ten commandments are God’s eternal law, who dares to change them? Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Baptists worship on the sabbath, on Saturday. Do they take the Bible more seriously than we do?

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At least the Ten Commandments are God’s revelation, aren’t they? (1)

Both Luther and Forde sometimes speak of the Ten Commandments as divine revelation – laws sent from heaven above to earth below.

At the same time they both also refer to the Ten Commandments as human codes that are not absolute or divine. These statements, some of which are given below, are not flippant or erratic. Rather, they are important clarifications relating to the larger questions: What is revelation? What is election?

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