ELCA lesbian pastors: No dad needed

Lesbian pastors Phyllis Zillhart and Ruth Frost were “received” onto the ELCA clergy roster September 19, 2010. Bishops Peter Rogness (St. Paul Area) and Craig Johnson (Minneapolis Area) officiated.

Zillhart and Frost are also a “couple” with a daughter. How was she conceived? In 1993 Zillhart was artificially inseminated with the sperm of a gay “couple” who sloshed their sperm together.

Julie Sevig and Michelle Miller, another ELCA lesbian couple, have three children who were conceived by Miller in a way similar to Zillhart’s insemination. Sevig is a rostered AIM and associate editor at The Lutheran. Miller is the former associate director of the ELCA Commission for Women; she is now Associate Pastor of  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chicago.

The ELCA message to teenagers: A father is just a sperm donor. Kids don’t need fathers. Two lesbians are just as good.

This no-dad message is not in a corner; it’s the ELCA standard.

The gay issue is about the family: What’s best for children? The ELCA answer is that dads are not needed.