Forde #9 What does this mean?

When Gerhard Forde writes in the previous post:

1. “…all causes are relativized” and “…there are no levers here,” this means:

a. There is no “revealed” or “natural” law except the basic content of the law: love and care for the neighbor. Forde: “What the law enjoins is love of and service to the neighbor. That is its fundamental and ineradicable content” (Forde, “Law and Sexual Behavior,” Lutheran Quarterly 9/1 [Spring 1995]18).

b. There is no third use of the law, no particular revealed law(s) for the Christian, nor can one see through any “natural law” to discern divine intention.

2. The bottom line: “This flows from the very nature of the gospel and cannot be compromised,” and the “very essence of the matter.” If anyone exerts a “pressure which destroys this freedom, we come to a serious parting of the ways.”

This means that any and every attempt to counter antinomism by bringing back “revealed” or “natural” law, even “evangelical counsels,” contradicts the gospel (Galatians 5:1).