No to “Noah”?

But isn’t the film close enough? Isn’t it at least better than most Hollywood productions? Gets a useful discussion about the Bible going?

The only question is:  Who is God in this film? Yes, the name “the Creator” is used and the word “God” occurs. But the “Covenant God,” the

God who creates a world based on the covenant He first makes with Adam and Eve (the tree of life and all that), then with Noah (symbolized by the rainbow),

Is missing, or at least so much on the fringe of things that it requires reinterpretation of the film to find it. The God of the Bible, the God alone who establishes

Justice and mercy through His covenant, does not allow any substitutes, even fringe gods (idols), even somewhat gods ( a la this film).

The ordinary viewer cannot help be misled. After all, isn’t there some echo of the Biblical account? Some echo is not good enough.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” not even somewhat gods.