Let’s talk about “blatant sin”

ELCA Bishop Chris Boerger (NW WA) stated that it “is ‘blatant sin’ for human beings to fail to protect creation” (ELCA News Release 11/23/2010).  Boerger represented ELCA bishops as leaders from 56 denominations and faith-based organizations called on the US Senate to leave intact the power of the US Environmental Protection Agency to regulate pollutants.  He noted that he has a responsibility to “his grandchildren” and to God on this issue. (Boerger is convener of the ELCA bishops’ special interest group on the care of creation.)

“Blatant” sin!  What’s really blatant is:

  1. The breakdown of the nuclear family:  father-mother-child. Where is the ELCA witness to the fact that children need fathers and mothers? Is there an ELCA bishops’ committee on the breakdown of marriage and the family?
  2. The McVictim society. Where is the ELCA promoting “responsibility” so that children will be able to survive in the real world? Is there an ELCA bishops’ committee on the collapse into our McVictim society?
  3. The exploding national debt. Where is the ELCA’s concern for the children and grandchildren whose lives will be limited by this debt? Is there an ELCA bishops’ committee on the burden of the US national debt on future generations?

Yes, let’s talk about “really blatant sin.”