At least the Ten Commandments are God’s revelation, aren’t they? – 4 (Hopman, Mattes, Nestingen, and Paulson vs. Luther and Forde)

The LGBTQ agenda is wreaking havoc on the modern world, undermining the father-mother family, the basic unit of society. What do we Lutherans have in our arsenal to fight this agenda? A word from the Lord? A definitive, divine answer? Something that puts us above the fray of public debate? Perhaps the ten commandments? Are they God’s eternal law?

Among Lutherans there are some who “have misused the law/gospel distinction to promote an allegedly more liberated sexual ethic,” write Albert Collver III, James Nestingen, and John Pless in their preface to The Necessary Distinction. A Continuing Conversation on Law and Gospel, which reports on the official discussions among the Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC), the North American Lutheran Church (NALC), and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS). These Lutherans are seeking unity and a common hermeneutic with which to fight the LGBTQ agenda.

If antinomianism is the disease, is inerrancy the cure? Read more here

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At least the ten commandments are God’s revelation, aren’t they? (3)

“Honor the sabbath, to keep it holy” – the third commandment. But “the sabbath” is Saturday. How dare Christians move worship to Sunday! By whose authority? If the ten commandments are God’s eternal law, who dares to change them? Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Baptists worship on the sabbath, on Saturday. Do they take the Bible more seriously than we do?

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