Can science disprove the resurrection?

A journalist, Clifton Ross, formerly a Christian who believed in the resurrection, writes:

“It is as difficult as it is uncomfortable to enter into a previous state of mind from a later, more ‘evolved’ or developed state. I don’t like to admit that I once believed Jesus rose from the dead, but I did….The available scientific and statistical evidence (not to mention common sense) weighs strongly against belief in bodily resurrection from the dead.”

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If you repent

“God, who is rich in mercy, loved us even when we were dead in sin….Therefore be assured that you who repent have been forgiven….” Thus announced the pastor in his absolution at the Sunday morning worship service. How dead were we? Mostly dead?  It’s another gospel-plus distortion of the gospel: The gospel + repentance – […]

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Oberman on the Gospel

“Luther learned to draw life from the struggle against the Devil. For the just shall live by faith, and ‘life’ does not begin in Heaven. According to the medieval memento mori [Latin: Remember that you have to die], in the midst of life we are surrounded by death. Luther’s faith enabled him to vigorously turn […]

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