“Mater si, Magistra si. Episcopi, hell no.”

The ELCA will have its triennial Churchwide Assembly this August 5-10, 2019, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What’s it like? George A. Lindbeck’s review of the 1993 Churchwide Assembly, “The Church Faithful and Apostate” is still relevant twenty-five years later. Will the ELCA’s turn to sacramental bishops with real power help? See Declan Leary’s “Assembly of U.S. Catholic Bishops Reveals an Ugly, Incompetent Bureaucracy.” Gotta love the last line of her piece which is the title above.

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Can science disprove the resurrection?

A journalist, Clifton Ross, formerly a Christian who believed in the resurrection, writes:

“It is as difficult as it is uncomfortable to enter into a previous state of mind from a later, more ‘evolved’ or developed state. I don’t like to admit that I once believed Jesus rose from the dead, but I did….The available scientific and statistical evidence (not to mention common sense) weighs strongly against belief in bodily resurrection from the dead.”

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