Eboo Patel is Muslim Brotherhood Operative

Remember Eboo Patel? He was a keynote speaker at the ELCA’s “Follow Me: Sharing the Gospel in a 2.0 World” conference for ELCA college students and campus pastors. The conference, held in August 2010, drew 300 participants.eboo4

Patel was reportedly soft-spoken and powerful. The Lutherans enthusiastically embraced his message of tolerance and interfaith cooperation.

ELCA leaders also invited a Muslim student to offer a prayer to Allah and a Buddhist student to offer a prayer out of his tradition.

Patel is the founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core, a Chicago-based interfaith youth movement. He is a nationally known moderate Muslim speaker and writer.

Why bring up this “old news” now in 2013? Because an Egyptian magazine has outed Eboo Patel and five other “moderate” Muslim leaders in the US as Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

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